Plan, design and build retaining walls to look beautiful, not just functional.

WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT?See why our wall blocks work.


Build retaining walls that are natural looking and 30% faster to build.

CAN I SAVE ON LABOR COSTS?Yes you can. Find out how.


Expand your imagination and find your garden wall or retaining wall inspiration.

ARE THERE OPTIONS?6 color options & custom

Now architects, contractors, developers, landscapers, designers and homeowners can create LIMITLESS design possibilities using our wall block—with the additional benefit of reduced installation costs.

From our inception, Heritage Block sought to change and revolutionize the way retaining walls are designed and installed. We set out to create an attractive looking retaining wall block that is both durable and easy to install. Traditionally, segmented retaining wall block products have only been offered in split-face or tumbled looks, which are institutional in appearance… The solution is Heritage Block wall block, which provides an authentic and realistic appearance that is almost indistinguishable from natural dry-stack stone. Our wall blocks are available in several distinct and natural looking shapes and colors.  Retaining walls, garden walls, patios and firepits are some of the more common uses. With LIMITLESS design combinations… contractors, architects and designers have created some of the most attractive landscapes around the country using Heritage Block retaining wall blocks and garden wall blocks.

Heritage Block combines the desirable look of natural stone with the advantages of solid performance to create
The most attractive retaining wall block in the world™.

How Does Heritage Block Wall Block Work?

Heritage Block wall blocks conform to any layout, follow the landscape, and act as the perfect accent to your designs while still performing to industry standards. Our retaining wall block is a segmented system made of six different shaped components. A single hollow core for interlocking means no pins, lips or batter for faster installation… And, with no need for setbacks or batter, you can retain valuable land. You also don’t need any special pieces. 

With the Heritage Block segmented block system, once the proper base has been prepared the block can be laid. Because of our Quick and Stable Core Fill System, no time is wasted.


The time savings for installation alone is significant…. We have found that contractors can save up to 30% off total time, some 20 hours per week (per four-person crew) and up to 2.5 hours a day.


Limitless Retaining Wall Designs

Our beautiful and strong retaining wall blocks are used by architects, contractors, designers, homeowners and landscapers to complement the overall design of a project. The versatility of our wall blocks will conform to any layout and follow the natural landscape beautifully. This leads to no more ugly walls

With Heritage Block retaining wall block, what may be seen as an unusable landscape can become the focal point of an entire outdoor setting. And, for preexisting walls, veneer-faced wall block from Heritage Block can adhere to almost any wall, creating a seamless and beautiful match.

Our retaining wall blocks are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye… They are also durable and can be used for structural purposes like:

Preventing ground soil erosion 

Use in conjunction with other major construction projects

Helping direct the flow of water

Defining property boundaries

There are LIMITLESS designs with our retaining wall block… It has been used to construct walls almost 50 feet high! See the Volvo test track in Virginia. Heritage Block’s versatility also allows you to seamlessly integrate columns into your designs. 

Another benefit is the ease of installation of Heritage Block wall block. Take a look at our step-by-step process

Big or small… Commercial or residential… Creating with Heritage Block wall block offers LIMITLESS possibilities.


Limitless Garden Wall Designs

When it comes to building a garden wall, the only limitation is your imagination. Heritage Block garden wall block is used for commercial and private properties. It creates an aesthetically pleasing look and also serves as a barrier or attractive border around flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees and greenery.