About Heritage Block™

Have you searched for a retaining wall block product only to discover split-face type blocks that look institutional at best?

That’s why we developed THE MOST ATTRACTIVE RETAINING WALL BLOCK IN THE WORLD™.  We realized demanding walls do not have to sacrifice natural allure for high performance.

Heritage Block combines the desirable look of natural stone with the advantages of segmented concrete.  Architects, landscapers and homeowners now have an opportunity to use attractive and aesthetically beautiful segmented retaining wall products that create an outdoor space that is both charming and sophisticated.

Each stone’s polished and pitted finish are built to be a perfect union with the natural range of slopes and terrain. Handcrafted from nature’s mold, our products are shown in a variation of colors and textures to satisfy all tastes. What once may have been seen as an unusable landscape can be shifted into the focal point of an entire outdoor setting.