Take control of your outdoor living areas with Heritage Block. Like you, our blocks have a unique personality of their own. With six distinct colors, you have the ability to transform any outdoor space into your own masterpiece.

When it comes to homeowners, Heritage Block is your friendliest neighbor. We make the retaining wall process easy with no pins, rails, lips, clips or mortar. Simple, easy to install, you can have a beautiful and functional retaining wall in 30 percent less time than other traditional retaining wall systems saving you time and money. 

Simply lay your first course of blocks in an alternating pattern on the compacted leveling pad and follow our wall installation instructions.  With little physical effort, you’ll have a stunning complement to an unforgettable setting without the mess or fuss of traditional retaining walls.

Did you know we have other easy-to-install products? Check out our Garden Block, designed to create beautiful flower beds and line your outdoor areas, and our Heritage Fire Pit Kit, giving you an amazing and functional fire pit in just under an hour.

Where to Buy

We originally chose Heritage Block based on its appearance alone. After watching our contractor go through the entire process of grading to final back fill we are ecstatic with the overall solid feel of the steps and wall itself. We are confident that we will enjoy the beauty of our hardscape project for a lifetime.

     —Happy Customer