Heritage Block has been a Landscaper’s “Best Kept Secret”.

Work 30 percent faster when you choose Heritage Block’s retaining wall system. When you use our products, Heritage Block can save your four-man team 2.5 hours per day or 20 hours per week– giving you more time to take on new clients! 

When we introduced the Heritage Block retaining wall system in 2006, never before had landscapers seen the realistic stone veneer available in structured segmented product. The ease of installation, true beauty of the wall and the ability to easily create a custom wall has made Heritage Block a favorite amongst landscapers. Match virtually any landscape design, including an array of curves and corners, with our simple system. 

Industry tested for durability, consistency and strength, our blocks made to last while completing your landscaping projects beautifully. Made of precast concrete, they have weathered and textured faces to mimic an exact replication of a classic stone. Due to our high quality shading and colors, your customers can depend on your projects to retain its good looks for decades to come.

Need a reference on the installation process? Visit our page, How to Install.

Where to Buy

As a landscape contractor working in the Raleigh area for over 15 years “Heritage Block” has sold itself to more homeowners and developers than any other product I have worked with. The look that it provides and ease of installation has given me countless opportunities to preform magic in dozens of “horizontally challenged” backyards.

     —Second Nature Landscaping