Patio Retaining Wall Outdoor Fire Pit

Patio, Retaining Wall, Outdoor Fire Pit: The Order Of Things

Whether you’re buying a new home or renovating your existing home, a magnificent outdoor landscape is a must. At first glance, an outdoor renovation project might seem overwhelming. Where do you start? There are so many different options and combinations to choose from. First, do you want yard with a patio? What about a raised patio? What type of materials do you use for your patio? How large should it be? 

Next, you might separately consider removing a worn retaining wall or building a new one. Or building a garden wall to enhance your property boundaries… Oh, maybe a walled flowerbed? 

Then, after internally debating patios and walls, you get to the finishing touches of your outdoor space. Do all things lead toward having a fire pit? Or outdoor grilling space? Or both!

Whichever direction you decide to go it, with Heritage Block Retaining Wall Block or Garden Wall Block you can design a patio, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen and fire pit… Altogether, your property can be a place for you and your family to enjoy outdoor living at its finest… A place to entertain friends all year ‘round in North Carolina… A relaxing space to sit and read a book or enjoy your favorite beverage. The possibilities are LIMITLESS. 


Patios come in all shapes and designs. They can cover a large area of your yard, or a small portion adjacent to your home. Wherever you decide to place your patio, the location and design are the first steps in creating an immaculately landscaped property. 

But there are additional considerations for your patio. Have you considered whether you want a pergola, patio cover or a ramada? A raised or tiered patio? 

Lights… fountains… a grilling station. Planters or a garden wall. A flowerbed. An underground watering system. A fence or barrier to keep out the deer. Remember, the possibilities are LIMITLESS using Heritage Block Wall Block as part of your patio construction project.

The Retaining Wall

The next feature for your landscaping project is a retaining wall. Building a retaining wall from scratch or reimagining an older one is a logical addition to your dream outdoor property… a visually appealing feature anywhere. 

Heritage Block Retaining Wall Block can be used for aesthetics or for structural purposes (i.e. drainage, floodwaters, etc.). Either way, building a retaining wall with Heritage Block Retaining Wall block ensures you’re using The Most Attractive Retaining Wall Block In The World™.

Retaining walls may also define the natural property boundaries or help direct the natural flow of traffic on your property. They can be as colorful, long, straight, curvy or angled… Pretty much anything you can imagine. They can also be discreet, naturally blending into the surrounding environment. Portions of a retaining wall may function as seating areas or elevated garden beds. 

Important Considerations

When building a retaining wall, there are construction concerns that should be considered. Remember, certain municipalities may require that you conduct an environmental survey prior to building a retaining wall, while some may want land surveys. A flood valuation may also be necessary. It is critical to not only make sure that drainage is sufficient, but also to assess how your wall would hold up during a flood. 

Finally, there may be height restrictions in your local area. For instance, North Carolina Building Code Section 1807.2.5 Rev: 2 requires that a North Carolina Registered Design Professional design any retaining wall that is “more than five feet in height of earth within a linear 50-foot distance measured perpendicular to the retaining wall.” The building code also notes that vertical height (relief) is the difference in elevation from grade level on the open side of the wall to the grade level on the fill side of the wall. 

While regulations may limit how high you can go, the design and application possibilities are LIMITLESS… 

Fire Pits

Designing your very own fire pit is the last step in your outdoor transformation. Your fire pit should work in harmony with the rest of your landscape. It could be square, rectangular or circular—any shape you desire. The location, height and width (or circumference) is all at your discretion. 

One thing is certain… Everyone enjoys using a fire pit at one time or another. So, while the weather is nice (which is almost all year in North Carolina), take advantage of Heritage Block’s fire pit designs and build your very own fire pit. 

First Things First: 

Taking a look at your yard… 

Do you already have a pool? A patio? A retaining wall that accentuates the property’s boundaries?

Is there a centrally located area that would make sense to place a fire pit, or should it be off to the side?

If you decide on a gas fire pit, the location of the gas line might also be taken into account.

Beyond that, there are so many possible designs, shapes and color combinations… The possibilities are LIMITLESS.


Our blocks can transform any outdoor space into a unique masterpiece… The options are truly LIMITLESS. For everything you need to plan, design and build the perfect garden or retaining wall for your next project, contact us today: (919) 562-5005

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