Heritage Block Products

Heritage Block Wall System and Components


In the past, finding a retaining wall system that gives you a unique appearance and a structurally sound wall has been impossible. But, with Heritage Block, durable retaining walls don't have to sacrifice great looks for high performance. 

Introducing “The Most Attractive Retaining Wall Block in the World®”!

Traditionally, segmented retaining wall block products have only been offered in split-face or tumbled looks, which are very institutional in appearance. Heritage Block is pleased to introduce an authentic and realistic retaining wall block, that appears to be natural dry-stack stone, and is available in six distinct colors.

We offer five seperate components:


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1. Single-Sided 16”

3. Double-Sided 24”

5. Cap Stone

2. Single-Sided 24”

4. Triple-Sided 24”

Heritage Block Garden Block and Components


The Heritage Garden Block is a great complement to any Heritage Block retaining wall. It is typically used as an attractive border around trees, flowerbeds and other natural areas not designed as a retaining structure.

Available in the same six distinct colors, the Garden Block is a solid block with the same stone-textured face as the Heritage Block.

Garden Block is not intended to be backfilled yet can usually be built up to 3-4 courses high.