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Ready To Design Your Own Fire Pit?

There is no question that gathering around a crackling fire is the bedrock of civilization. Our ancestors took this time to cook their food, tell stories, look up at the stars and think about their futures. With family and friends sitting side-by-side, talking and sharing their adventures… relationships were reinforced, and future love interests kindled… The fire was the centerpiece of it all.

Today, from Memorial Day to Labor Day—and especially on the 4th of July—families get together around a fire for grilling and enjoying cold drinks. These are good times that create lasting memories. But why should we only enjoy the nostalgia of open flames during holidays and cookouts? A backyard fire pit is easy enough to install and provides an extra special touch to any yard… to be enjoyed with family and friends any time of the year.

Fire Pit Uses

Here in North Carolina, a fire pit can truly be used year-round. In the spring, summer and fall, a centrally located fire pit will be the place to entertain guests from dusk until the late into the night. It will also provide both warmth and a flickering illumination that will make the surroundings much more appealing—an authentic outdoor experience right in your own yard.

In the winter… we can imagine sitting solo or with loved ones around a fire pit enjoying a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. Especially after a snowfall and a good snowball fight or sledding adventure!

Fire pits are also great for children and grandchildren to toast marshmallows for the requisite s’mores… Or maybe roast a hot dog on a stick. If you throw a grill on top of the fire pit, you can grill some shish kabobs or burgers—or even bake potatoes. While a fire pit is no substitute for a grill, it can provide a quick cooking source for the creatively inclined… There is a certain rustic charm to cooking over an open flame.  

A fire pit can also be a great gathering place after a dip in the pool… sipping lemonade and chatting with friends and family. The background crackle and pop of flames and burning wood provides an extra sensory appeal.

Gas Or Wood

There are only two ways to fuel your fire pit… gas or wood. The choice is yours. Obviously, gas installation will be more expensive. However, the convenience of being able to start it and shut if off with the flip of a switch might be worth it. A wood burning fire pit provides an authenticity of sight, sound and smell that gas simply cannot. The downside is that you have to clean the pit more often. Also, starting and ending a wood fire will take some effort (although who doesn’t like building a fire)… The occasional ember flying out of a wood fire pit can be dangerous (local ordinances may affect whether you can have a wood burning fire pit).



Designing Your Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is a relatively easy DIY project for a weekend, and Heritage Block offers square and round firepit kits that make it very easy. But the real fun is actually deciding on the type of design you want to have. The first step is taking a look at your yard:

  • Do you already have a pool? A patio? A retaining wall that accentuates the property’s boundaries?
  • Is there a centrally located area that would make sense to place a fire pit, or should it be off to the side?
  • If you decided on a gas fire pit, the location of the gas line might also be taken into account.
  • Beyond that, the designs, shapes and color combinations are endless.

Your Fire Pit Inspiration

Take a look at some of these fire pits using Heritage Block, and let the creativity start…

Smaller spaces can be enhanced with a fire pit that can also serve as a table. (Source: Pinterest)


A tiered patio offers a feel of seclusion, and a fire pit provides added intimacy and flair. (Source: Pinterest)


A more rustic patio with retaining wall and fire pit that naturally blends into the forest background. (Source: Pinterest)


Round or square… You choose. (Source: Pinterest)


Set off to the side from the main seating area, a fire pit offers a chance to extend the evening. (Source: Pinterest)


Simple, but elegant. (Source: Pinterest)



Our blocks can transform any outdoor space into a unique masterpiece… The options are truly LIMITLESS. For everything you need to plan, design and build the perfect garden or retaining wall for your next project, contact us today: (919) 562-5005

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