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Retaining Wall Block: It’s Not Just For Walls

Heritage Block offers THE MOST ATTRACTIVE RETAINING WALL BLOCK IN THE WORLD™. Our retaining wall system gives you a unique appearance and a structurally sound wall that until now has been exceedingly difficult to achieve. Yes… you can have durable, high-performance retaining walls without sacrificing great looks. 

Some of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes—both commercial and private—have been created with retaining wall blocks. But with a little more creative energy, anyone can use retaining wall block to open up a world of design possibilities… beyond just building a retaining wall. 

Picture your dream landscape…

Retaining wall block is used (or can be used) for creative and innovative landscaping projects such as patios, steps and columns, garden walls, garden benches, garden paths, compost piles, fire-pits, grilling stations, pizza ovens and even bird baths. The versatility is LIMITLESS, and designing your project can be a job for your favorite professional—or an enjoyable DIY project for you and your family. 

Retaining Wall Block For Patios (steps and columns included)

Using retaining wall blocks as the base material for a new patio project is simple. The finished design provides a stunning result that will make any commercial property owner or homeowner proud of their new outdoor space. Selecting the location of your patio is the first step. Thereafter, designing a patio can be a pretty straight forward process. 

Here are some patio designs using retaining wall block:  

To add additional flair to your patio… stairs and columns provide a personal touch and show your own personal and unique attention to detail. Steps and columns are easy to build and take less time than using traditional brick materials.

Here are some step and column designs using retaining wall block:

Designing Or Reconstructing Swimming Pools  

As easy as it is to create a patio using retaining wall block, the same is true for the pool area on your property. Retaining wall block will add a natural and organic look to the entire pool area, without sacrificing any structural integrity. 

Pools come in so many different shapes and sizes, the possibilities are LIMITLESS…

A Garden Wall, Bench And Garden Path 

Both commercial construction and homeowners welcome a little green around their properties. A garden wall is the perfect complement to trees, greenery, flowers or vegetable garden. 

But, building a garden wall is just the beginning in most cases. Retaining wall block is heavier than garden block, which can be used in situations that do not call for holding back soil or stabilizing a slope. Property owners can use retaining wall block for garden benches and even laying a garden path leading to and from the perfectly created garden. 

Here are some LIMITLESS garden ideas using retaining wall block.

Garden wall with a bench.
Simple but elegant front yard garden wall.
garden wall
Raised garden bed.

Compost Site

In North Carolina, many homeowners take advantage of the weather and ground soil to create a variety of gardens. Every garden needs proper fertilizer, and people with the coveted proverbial “green thumb” create their own. Using retaining wall block to create a compost pit brings an added benefit to any garden. It’s also environmentally sound.

Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens and Grilling Stations

Using retaining wall block for a fire pit is quick and easy. But why stop there? Remember… LIMITLESS. 

A fire pit is just the beginning. Maybe you desire a larger, more intricate outdoor grilling station. Of course, it’s easy to purchase a grill… But to design your own personal grilling station is divine. And come Thanksgiving, you could use your extended grilling station as a safe location for frying turkey.  

Want to further impress your friends and family? A wood burning pizza oven in your backyard will do the trick… and is sure to create a memorable evening and Instagramable moment any time of the year. 

Any outdoor fire station design—whether it’s a simple fire pit or a grilling station for the ages—presents LIMITLESS design options when you use Heritage Block retaining wall block.

Bird Baths 

Every garden has outside visitors… from insects and birds to rodents and snakes. Building a bird bath in your garden is a simple way to provide a safe and happy place for our feathery friends. By using retaining wall column design pieces, along with cap materials, a simple but elegant bird bath could be set up almost anywhere in your yard. 

Do you have any other uses or ideas for retaining wall projects? Heritage Block would welcome your ideas. Remember, ours is the most attractive wall block in the world… The possibilities are LIMITLESS.


Our blocks can transform any outdoor space into a unique masterpiece… The options are truly LIMITLESS. For everything you need to plan, design and build the perfect garden or retaining wall for your next project, contact us today: (919) 562-5005

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