How To Install

Walls 4’ or greater may need to be engineered. Proper base preparation is one of the most critical elements of retaining wall construction. The wall is only as stable as the foundation it is built on. If sub-base soils are deemed unstable, contact a qualified geotechnical engineer for remediation. It is also recommended that you check with your local municipality for requirements.

Wall Installation Instructions:

  1. Excavate leveling pad (minimum 32″wide) Compact sub-grade to at least 95% Standard Proctor.
  2. Place ABC/ “crush and run” into excavated trench and compact in lifts to designed thickness.
  3. Install one (or more) courses of block below finished grade in alternating pattern 16″ – 24″ – 16″ etc. Be sure to level in both directions and stagger your vertical seams.
  4. Fill back of wall with impervious fill and compact up to lower finish grade.
  5. Install and outlet a 4″ socked drain pipe on backside of wall and encase with washed #57 drainage aggregate 16″ deep. Drain should extend to daylight and/or through wall.
  6. Continue laying wall blocks and install geogrid as recommended.
  7. Core fill wall blocks and continue drainage pocket with washed #57 drainage aggregate.
  8. Compact backfill over geogrid.
  9. Continue to desired height and install cap with weather rated concrete adhesive.